Other Delicious Produce

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Other Delicious Produce


etc1 The Higashi-Mikawa District boasts the largest production volume of macryphyll. Its fresh fragrance is appetizing, and great as relish, tempura, in salads, when wrapped with thinly sliced meat, and in many other dishes.

Mini Tomato

etc6 Bite-size mini tomatoes are a popular vegetable you can pop into your mouth anytime, anywhere. Packed with nutrients in such a small body, these have twice the carotene and 1.5 times more vitamin C than large sized tomatoes.


etc2 Senryo eggplants produced in Toyohashi and Tahara are soft both on the inside and outside, and complimentary to any dish. The freshest eggplants are those with firm lustrous rinds, deep purple in color, and sharp with thorns at the stem ends.


etc3 There is an old saying, “Doctors turn blue (pale) when tomatoes turn red (ripe),” which expresses the high nutritional value of tomatoes. Toyohashi and Tahara boast for being the leading production center, taking full advantage of the area’s mild climate through greenhouse cultivation.


etc4 Atsumi Peninsula is the largest cabbage producer in Japan, where you can see expansive cabbage fields spreading out as far as the eye can see. Crispy and mildly sweet, cabbage can be used in a wide variety of dishes


etc5 Bright red strawberries are every generations・favorite fruit. It only takes 5 or 6 strawberries to satisfy the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C. We grow various brands in the area, such as Akihime strawberries, which have just the right balance of sweet and sourness.