Nashi Pear

Its crispy and juicy texture will refresh any tired body

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In Japan, the arrival of summer means the arrival of the season for scrumptious pears. Pears are an excellent source of calcium. Its abundant juice has a refreshing citric taste from malic and citric acids. Japanese pears help replenish body liquids lost from the summer heat, and rejuvenate a tired body.

Message from a grower

Pear Grower / Toyohashi City / Mr. Hiromichi Imagawa


The climate of Toyohashi, with its extreme temperature changes between night and day, is what produces the sweetest pears.
We distribute quality, large-sized pears from fruit sorting centers with state of the art equipment that measures sugar content of fruits. We focus great attention to details in our work, and especially emphasize organic production to reduce the use of agrichemicals.