Kyoho Grapes

Large, juicy, and sweet!
Easy to eat without seed!

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Out of all grapes, Kyoho is popular for its huge size and juicy sweetness. The technology to grow seedless Kyoho grapes was developed in Toyohashi by taking full advantage of the area’s blessed natural condition. Pop a large-sized blackish-purple grape into your mouth, and its juicy and refreshing sweetness will spread inside your mouth. Seedless Kyoho grapes are definitely worth trying!

Message from a grower

Kyoho Grape Grower / Toyohashi City / Mr. Akio Yamamoto


Expect to savore tasty, superior quality Kyoho grapes.

Kyoho grapes are grown in an open field, so the water and natural environment will affect the taste. We carefully monitor the sweetness of the fruit to determine just the right time to pick them. Spring to summer is a very busy time for us with pruning, cluster cutting and many other tasks. We carefully grow about 30 grapes per cluster and grow them all by hand. When the grapes have grown to a certain size, we cover the tree with a net to protect the fruit from crows and bulbuls. We hope to continue bringing you Kyoho grapes with their great taste and quality.