Jiro Persimmons

Fondly loved for its crisp, rich sweetness, Jiro Persimmon is Japan’s No. 1

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Jiro persimmon, characterized by its square and flat shape, is the king of sweet persimmons. The mountainous areas of Toyohashi, blessed with a mild climate and well-drained soil, is the home of Jiro persimmons. The region’s extreme temperature changes between night and day is essential in producing Jiro persimmon’s exquisite sweetness, making Toyohashi the largest producer in terms of both area and volume. Toyohashi Jiro persimmons boast the highest quality and are much loved by the public.

Message from a grower

Jiro Persimmon Grower / Toyohashi City / Mr. Hiroyuki Oshizumi.


One persimmon contains the required daily amount of vitamin C.

Persimmon is a fruit rich in minerals, tannin and dietary fiber. It is particularly high in vitamin C, and one persimmon supplies a day’s worth of vitamin C. There is even an old saying; “octors look blue (pale) when persimmons turn red (ripe).”