Good for salads, good for sautes, A popular vegetable rich in vitamin C

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Broccoli is a vegetable where you eat its green florets and stalk. A 100g of broccoli contains vitamin C equivalent to that of 2 lemons. Also containing abundant carotene and dietary fiber, this vegetable is simply a treasure chest packed with nutrients. Carotene improves resistance of skin and mucous membranes, and vitamin C is effective on age spots and freckles.

Message from a grower

Broccoli Grower / Tahara City / Mr. Noboru Kobayashi


Every part of broccoli can be eaten, even the stalk.
The hardest part about growing broccoli is at the beginning when we sow the seeds and until they sprout. We are so relieved when we see seedlings firmly taking root. We are proud of the large-sized broccoli we produce in Tahara.